Daily Inspiration: It’s time to appreciate!

I’m guilty of getting trapped in the complaining mode every once in awhile, however for the majority of any given day, I try to focus on the positive. Everyone has someone in their life who thrives on complaining, and when you are having a conversation with that person, it’s truly difficult to stay focused on the positive. It’s much easier to join them in their misery. But there’s a way that works for me 99% of the time. Hey, I’m still human! That 1% is usually when I’ve decided that it’s much easier to join in the pity party.

If you can recognize the moment you’ve been bamboozled into a complaining session, that’s the point of your power. Once you’ve joined in for at least one complaint, you’re toast! Your energy is zapped, your strength is gone, and your vibration has been lowered, possibly to the point of no return. At least until you part ways with this downer. But, if you can catch the conversation before you indulge, then it’s up to you to turn this complaint fest into an appreciation fest. Stop yourself before you utter one word! Instead, find something kind to say immediately. Change the subject. Stop the conversation. Walk away if possible. Don’t give the negativity anymore momentum. Begin to talk about something you appreciate in your life. Tell the person how beautiful they look, or how wonderful they are. Anything positive will do! This is a sure fire way to halt the negative words that are about to be spewed.

We all get caught up in negative conversations, but if we have the awareness to catch ourselves before it gets too far, we control the outcome. Just remember that the highest vibration determines the interaction. Stay high, when they go low. Blessings!


One thought on “Daily Inspiration: It’s time to appreciate!

  1. Complaining really exhaust us. It sends of negative energy. It is the sign of some major unhappiness, or that balance is out of wack.

    I am running a self mastery series in June, sharing meditations , affirmation, gratitude and letting go exercises. You are welcome to join in.. if you feel it might help.

    Regards Bella


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