Daily Inspiration: Rise and others will too!

Have you ever noticed that when you are in a low vibration, feeling grumpy or sad, that you find others to join you in your pity party? You take your low feeling with you throughout the day, and every encounter matches how you’re feeling. The grocery clerk is rude, your children are whiny, your boss is grumpy, and you just keep running into people that piss you off! That’s no coincidence. Those encounters are only like attracting like. You are a magnet that attracts whatever you’re putting out there. Put out low energy and you receive low energy interactions. Luckily, this is pretty simple to change!

Changing your mood, your energy, your vibration takes very little effort. It all begins by reaching for the next best feeling. Don’t try to become the ray of sunshine all at once, because it won’t work. Likewise, if you belittle yourself for being in a bad mood, you’ll stay stuck in that low energy without knowing what went wrong, or you’ll end up blaming everything and everyone around you for your bad mood. The secret is to start small and keep going up! Begin feeling a little better by thinking about anything that makes you smile. Take a timeout if possible, and quiet your mind for a few minutes. Think about something to appreciate. When you’re in a mode of appreciation, it’s difficult to feel low. Appreciation always leads to a higher feeling. Eventually, you won’t find yourself in those lower vibration situations, and if you occasionally do, you will automatically go into appreciation mode to turn it around.

Reaching for the next best feeling is a simple way to ease yourself into a higher vibration. Then, when you feel a little better, go up some more. Keep going up and you’ll see how fast you attract people and situations to match your mood. The grocery clerk will suddenly be friendly, your kids will be happier, and your boss will be a joy to work with! Rise and others will too! Blessings to you!


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