Daily Inspiration: Always respond with love!

Whenever you find yourself in the middle of a conflict, your only choice is to respond with love. It becomes impossible for conflict to continue if one person remains sane. The one with the highest vibration will always determine how the situation unfolds, and when the vibe is full of love, the end result will be positive. Sometimes it’s difficult when you’re in the middle of crazy, but if you remain calm and loving, you will diffuse the crazy.

All negative emotion is fear. You may think the other person is angry with you, but the reality is that they are terrified. Sadness is fear. Confusion is fear. Frustration is fear. Instead of responding with a negative emotion when confronted by someone exhibiting one of these emotions, try responding with love, with compassion, and see how quickly the situation changes. They’re hurting. They’re frightened. They’re most likely confused by their behaviour too. When your response is loving and kind, they will feel understood. Keep your vibe high and others will rise to meet you.


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