Stop doing these things immediately!

1. Stop putting unrealistic expectations on others! It’s not their job to live up to standards that you’ve set for them. Set yourself free by letting them off the hook. Focus on your own life instead.

2. Stop believing that others are going to have the same values as you! They don’t! And when you expect them to, it causes you to judge them for something you can’t control. How insane is that? That brings me to the third thing you must stop doing.

3. Stop judging! This is a big one, and we’re all guilty of doing it, but if you want any chance for happiness, you must STOP judging! That includes yourself. When you judge others, you’re in essence judging yourself. It all comes back to you. Judging puts you in a place of self righteousness, which will eventually make you feel less than because it puts you in a place of comparison.

4. Stop comparing yourself to others! You are one of a kind! A star! No one else will ever be you. And that fact alone should be celebrated each and everyday!

5. Stop complaining! Please! No one likes a complainer, and it’s not bringing anything good into your life. If you only knew that complaining was bringing you more of what you’re complaining about, you would stop immediately. Start talking about what’s good in your life instead! Start appreciating the amazing life you have and watch it become even better.

6. Stop worrying! Like complaining, it only creates more things to worry about. Worry is such a useless, draining emotion, and serves no purpose! When you catch yourself worrying, change your thought to something that makes you happy. In time you will become good at changing your thoughts to happy ones. Happy thoughts equals happy life.

7. Last one! Stop being so hard on yourself! You are an incredible human doing the best you can. Praise yourself daily, hourly if possible. Become so in love with you, that you will always put yourself first. It’s not selfish, it’s necessary!

Are you living by default?

You have one life! One life to love and laugh. To feel joy. Are you making it the best life? Most go through life on automatic pilot, not knowing how to live any other way. Listening to others to make important decisions. Regarding other opinions more valuable than their own. Life is sometimes set up for you without your approval, and then you fall into a trap by living a life you had no say in. You forget that you have a say, a voice that you've forgotten to listen to. Your inner being is patiently waiting for you to listen. It's time to take back your life! It's time to make choices that resonate within you. Deep inside there is a fire that has gone out. Your inner being knows it's there. It's time to recapture what you are here for. Begin to live with joy in your heart, regardless of what your responsibilities are, (and let's face it, we can't just drop everything and run off to an exotic locale to sell baskets on the beach). Living joyfully, with purpose, will allow the ordinary to become extraordinary! But, there's a catch. You have to make a conscious effort each day to live in joy. You need to wake up and affirm that this day will be wonderful, that you will be happy. You can't wait for your day to unfold and then decide if it was a happy day or not. YOU have to make the choice before you get out of that bed, to live this day in joy. It doesn't just happen. Choose to appreciate everything, and you will awaken the joy, the fire within, and you will begin to live on purpose. You will no longer live by default. I'm a believer in how we live is what we live. If you live joyfully, you'll automatically be given more things and circumstances to enjoy. Stop waiting for outside things to make you happy. Be happy and joyful first, and watch how your life changes!

Let go of all toxicity in your life. 

Everyone has some kind of toxic element in their lives. People, diet, job, or a combination of all three and more can contribute to the feeling of unwell and despair within. We carry around resentment, anger, sadness, but we don’t know why these afflictions are with us day after day. The possibility that there may be another way of living never enters our minds when we’re deep in the negativity that we believe is bestowed upon us. Or if we do know a better way, we continue to live with toxins because we’re too afraid to change. But, we don’t have to let it consume us. We don’t have to allow it to cover our light. We have a choice to rid our lives of the toxic elements that bring us down. There is always a choice, although it often seems difficult to make the decision to get rid of the elements that are causing the distress. Choosing to let go of people, jobs, habits, whatever the cause may be, will lift the toxins out of your soul. Remember the necessity for your health and well being as you let go. It will become easier. It will feel good. You will feel lighter. As the toxins leave your body, your life, and your spirit, you will wonder why you didn’t rid yourself of them sooner. Remember that you are in charge of your joy, and when toxic situations invade your life, it’s your right to let them go immediately.  Life is meant to be lived in joy! Blessings for a peaceful, non-toxic day!

Don’t let the opinions of others become the reason you give in or give up. 

There will be times when others will have an opinion about how you live your life, how you do your job, or how you raise your kids. You need to have the courage to look past those opinions and do what’s best for you. Just remember those opinions are a reflection of their beliefs, not yours. Stay in your own light and listen to your voice. It’s the only one that matters.

Be careful with your self talk today!

Whether we consider ourselves to be fully enlightened or just on the verge of making changes in the way we live, the words we think and speak form our lives. We can’t deny anymore how our thoughts, which transform into our spoken words, are absolutely creating the world we live in. However, when we speak to others, most of the time we try to be conscious of what we are saying to them. We want to be kind, loving, purposeful, and aware of what we want and need to say. We try to be polite to strangers, we smile at co-workers, and we laugh at jokes we don’t get, all the while knowing this isn’t how we treat ourselves. Why do we have ample respect and kind words for others, when we’re silently berating our own wonderful selves? When in our lives did we decide it’s okay to treat ourselves with such disrespect?

What many don’t realize is that our self talk is being heard. It’s being received by our bodies, by our minds, and ultimately will become our reality. Our thoughts become things! What we say, becomes true! When we think something over and over, it will appear in our world, in our lives, whether we want it or not. What do you want?

Begin today to change your life by changing how you speak to yourself. One small loving thought at a time will eventually become the new way you see yourself. Reprogram your old way of thinking about yourself. Stop repeating the same old story. You have a choice to think differently about your glorious self, so think something different. Believe something wonderful! Say something nice about yourself right now!  Sending you blessings for an amazing day!


Why you can never give up on your dreams!

There have been countless times when I’ve wanted to cash in the chips on all my dreams, let them go for a more “realistic” view of my life, stop fooling myself, but each time I heard the voice of reason, something has begged me not to give up. The small, protective voice that I’ve been accustomed to listening to in the past has diminished, and has been slowly, but consistently, replaced with the voice I was born with. The voice of my soul, my loving spirit. This voice, my true voice, which was covered by the beliefs of well meaning adults, has never failed me. It’s been waiting patiently for my awakening, knowing one day I would return to the love I was born with. It’s been holding onto my purpose until the day I realized why I am here. 

Although I know now what my purpose in life is, it took years of perceived struggle and dashed dreams to get to this point. Some days I may forget for awhile, however it now takes very little for my memory to return, and remember why I’m here in this particular lifetime. The loving, patient voice that guides me today has known my dreams when I was too sad, or too lost, or too angry to feel them or believe in them. Somewhere along the way, I began to listen to that voice again. I was tired of living in a fog. When you get to the point in your life when the fear has become exhausting, something shifts. The small voice becomes smaller as your authentic voice gets clearer, eventually dissipating as a memory. I hear it now. It never gave up on me. It helped me to rediscover my dreams. It waited for me to be ready. 

Be patient. Don’t give up on your dreams just yet. They’re waiting in a spot for you to be ready. Spend some time rediscovering who you were meant to be. Stop listening to everyone around you when they say you’re too old, or too young, or not smart enough. Just stop living your life listening to the opinions of others. Get back to the time when you knew who you were. It’s time to remember, to listen to your spirit. It’s time to believe in your dreams!