New Year resolution?

I absolutely do not believe in New Year resolutions. I understand the need to make changes in your life that will lead to a better you, however using the new year as an excuse to create a new life just doesn’t work. Most people inevitably go back to their old way of living, and usually that way is living by default. We have ingrained beliefs and habits that unless we choose to live a different way each and every day consistently and consciously, we eventually go back to those beliefs and habits. Wanting to change some aspect is usually the first step, and that’s what begins the resolution. Then, when the resolution fails and we go back to our old habits, we berate ourselves and sometimes each other, for not having enough will power or strength to follow through with the thing we thought would make our lives better.

But what if instead of trying to change something that we believe or a bad habit that’s been a curse in our life, we decide to accept ourselves completely? What would happen if we embraced all our idiosyncrasies and faults, and looked at them differently? What if we only focused on loving ourselves unconditionally? Could our lives change if we stopped focusing on the so called bad parts of our lives and consistently focus on our good? What we focus on expands, that’s just a basic law of the universe, so if we are focusing on the parts we want to change, by using will power or belittling our faults and habits, we are only creating more of that which we don’t want! The answer to getting rid of what we don’t want, is to only focus on what we do want. Stop looking at the parts of your life that aren’t working, and consciously and lovingly look at the parts that are working. Those areas will expand and the other unwanted parts will naturally fall away.

But, if you are still adamant about having a resolution for the new year, make loving yourself the only one. Loving yourself no matter how much you weigh. Loving yourself no matter how broke you are. Focus only on the love you have for yourself and your life will change in ways you can’t imagine. Stop complaining about your life and how others may be living. Put all your energy into love! Watch how your life changes once you make the only resolution that will work. That’s my resolution for the rest of my life!

Listen to you

There will be times when others may influence your thoughts or decisions. They may convince you that you are wrong, that your ideas are not valid, or that you are not good enough. They may push their own ideas on you. Believe me when I say that bullies come in all shapes and sizes, all ages, all forms. But those people cannot influence you if you choose to only listen to you! We all have an inner voice that is all knowing, and when we choose to honour that part of us and listen, we always have power. Listening to only our voice takes away the power of the outside world and anyone who tries to devalue you.

I occasionally forget that I have this power and revert back to letting others make me feel small, but it happens less these days since I’ve discovered this amazing power. The opinions of others don’t matter to me as much, even though I’m still learning to make all opinions but mine irrelevant. It only matters what I think about my life and myself. It isn’t anyone’s business how I spend my time, or how I live my life. When someone tries to make you feel less, it’s more about them anyway, than you. It’s their own insecurities and feelings of lack in their own life that are coming through their disapproval of you. Stop allowing it! We all have a choice to listen to our own wise voice. That voice is always approving, always loving, and will never make you feel less than the glorious being that you are! Listen to you!

There’s no other time!

What are you waiting for? Stop putting your life on hold until you get what you think you need to make you happy. There is no other time but now! Be happy now. Look around at all you have now and appreciate it all. Be grateful for your life now. It’s happening in this moment. Not when you get the perfect job, or when you find the perfect mate. It’s right now. Stop wasting your time worrying about the future. That will take care of itself if you just lighten up a little. Being satisfied with where you are will determine what comes next. So let go. There’s no other time but now!

Daily Inspiration: You are prosperous!

Do you believe that you’re prosperous? Many people will say no because their definition of prosperity is limited. If you expand your definition, and examine your life as it is right now, I guarantee you will feel prosperous.

Prosperity to most people means having lots of money, valuable assets, luxurious vehicles, and the list goes on. But I want to open you up to a whole new realm of prosperity that will allow you to feel prosperous right now. When you look at your life as it is in this moment, what do you see? Bills? Then you’re prosperous! When you have bills, you have services that many others in the world do not have. It means that you have luxuries such as electricity and running water. Do you have a place to live that shelters you from the weather? Then you’re prosperous! You may have a mortgage, which means you are on your way to owning your own home! That’s prosperity! Do you have healthy children? Are you healthy? Prosperous! Do you have a job you love? Do you have a job you hate? That’s prosperity! At least you have a job that pays those amazing bills! Do you have a family that loves you? Maybe you have a family that drives you crazy! It’s all prosperity.

Begin today to look at your life as prosperous! The reason many of us don’t see our lives as prosperous, is because we’re too busy looking at what’s wrong instead of how very blessed we are. It doesn’t matter what word we use either. Prosperous, abundant, lucky, blessed, they’re all the same. The word isn’t important. The feeling is. When you begin to put the feeling behind everything, then your life changes. When you feel prosperous, you are prosperous! When you feel abundant, you are abundant. Begin today and feel different about your life, and in no time at all you will have a completely different life! Wishing you all prosperity!

Daily Inspiration: Rise and others will too!

Have you ever noticed that when you are in a low vibration, feeling grumpy or sad, that you find others to join you in your pity party? You take your low feeling with you throughout the day, and every encounter matches how you’re feeling. The grocery clerk is rude, your children are whiny, your boss is grumpy, and you just keep running into people that piss you off! That’s no coincidence. Those encounters are only like attracting like. You are a magnet that attracts whatever you’re putting out there. Put out low energy and you receive low energy interactions. Luckily, this is pretty simple to change!

Changing your mood, your energy, your vibration takes very little effort. It all begins by reaching for the next best feeling. Don’t try to become the ray of sunshine all at once, because it won’t work. Likewise, if you belittle yourself for being in a bad mood, you’ll stay stuck in that low energy without knowing what went wrong, or you’ll end up blaming everything and everyone around you for your bad mood. The secret is to start small and keep going up! Begin feeling a little better by thinking about anything that makes you smile. Take a timeout if possible, and quiet your mind for a few minutes. Think about something to appreciate. When you’re in a mode of appreciation, it’s difficult to feel low. Appreciation always leads to a higher feeling. Eventually, you won’t find yourself in those lower vibration situations, and if you occasionally do, you will automatically go into appreciation mode to turn it around.

Reaching for the next best feeling is a simple way to ease yourself into a higher vibration. Then, when you feel a little better, go up some more. Keep going up and you’ll see how fast you attract people and situations to match your mood. The grocery clerk will suddenly be friendly, your kids will be happier, and your boss will be a joy to work with! Rise and others will too! Blessings to you!

Daily Inspiration: It’s time to appreciate!

I’m guilty of getting trapped in the complaining mode every once in awhile, however for the majority of any given day, I try to focus on the positive. Everyone has someone in their life who thrives on complaining, and when you are having a conversation with that person, it’s truly difficult to stay focused on the positive. It’s much easier to join them in their misery. But there’s a way that works for me 99% of the time. Hey, I’m still human! That 1% is usually when I’ve decided that it’s much easier to join in the pity party.

If you can recognize the moment you’ve been bamboozled into a complaining session, that’s the point of your power. Once you’ve joined in for at least one complaint, you’re toast! Your energy is zapped, your strength is gone, and your vibration has been lowered, possibly to the point of no return. At least until you part ways with this downer. But, if you can catch the conversation before you indulge, then it’s up to you to turn this complaint fest into an appreciation fest. Stop yourself before you utter one word! Instead, find something kind to say immediately. Change the subject. Stop the conversation. Walk away if possible. Don’t give the negativity anymore momentum. Begin to talk about something you appreciate in your life. Tell the person how beautiful they look, or how wonderful they are. Anything positive will do! This is a sure fire way to halt the negative words that are about to be spewed.

We all get caught up in negative conversations, but if we have the awareness to catch ourselves before it gets too far, we control the outcome. Just remember that the highest vibration determines the interaction. Stay high, when they go low. Blessings!