Healthy Friday

 Do you believe that health is part of your spiritual journey?  Is your health related to your beliefs or is health all fate and circumstance?  Today on this Healthy Friday, I want you to take a moment and contemplate how your thinking could be the cause of the state of your health.  Is that a hard pill to swallow?  That you are responsible for the physical ailments you may possess.  But, you say, how on earth could it be possible that I caused myself to have a cold, or the flu, or worse?  The mind is a powerful thing, and whether you are thinking positive thoughts to attract a new job, or negative thoughts about all the bills you have to pay, your thoughts are attracting that which you think about most.   When you focus on NOT wanting something, the energy goes out into the universe and hears the very thing, circumstance, issue you do not want, and brings it right into existence.  The universe is complying with your thoughts.  So when you were so focussed on not getting the flu that everyone around you had, the universe answered to your focussed thoughts.  Instead of focussing on the things you don’t want in your life, concentrate solely on what you DO want to manifest.  Attracting health is no different than attracting that new job.  See yourself completely healthy.  Speak health and healing all the time, to others and yourself.  Curb the “who is more sick” routine at the office.  When you live, speak, act “as if,” you will be exactly as you believe.  Health is a mindset that takes loving perseverance in every thoughtful moment.  I send you blessings of health and healing!!!

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