Peaceful Thursday

In my younger days I often thought that when I get older I would have it all figured out, put together, and everything would be perfect in my life.  I would dream about my life being so peaceful and easy that I wouldn’t have to struggle or want for anything. I took youth for granted, squandered it a little, and believed that time was on my side. I used to view “older” people, particularly older women, in a way that was somewhat arrogant on my part. As years went by, getting older took on a whole new meaning. I felt different year after year, but in an ageless way. I don’t see an age when I look in the mirror or when I listen to my spirit. We’re all ageless in spirit. However, I see some of my younger friends and family following the same mindset I used to hold, and I find myself wanting to tell them to respect the wisdom of the “older” woman instead of boasting about their youthful advantages. But I stop myself because I was her. I know time will reveal all that is needed to see. My job is only to bless the youthful confidence. One day “she” will be older looking at her younger counterparts and perhaps wishing they only saw her spirit, not her age.


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