Joyful Wednesday

Stop for a moment and observe your breathing.  This one simple act throughout your day will bring you back to your spirit.  Take the time today to witness your breath as often as you can.  It sounds silly to remind ourselves to breathe, but our busy lives preoccupy so much of our time, we tend to forget the important things in life.  Being aware of our breath brings us back to our center and helps us to focus on the moment.  That’s where joy comes from.  The moment.  Whatever it is you’re doing in the moment is where joy can be found.  How many times have you been enjoying a glorious moment when the ego comes crashing in with a future worry?  Now all you can think about is what’s going to happen at work tomorrow instead of focussing on the hot cup of dark roast you were just savoring not one minute earlier.  How does that happen?  The ego is crafty.  It doesn’t want you to enjoy the moment.  The ego wants you to worry about the future and feel guilty about the past.  That’s its job.  By directing your thoughts to the past or future, the ego’s strategy is to keep you from joy.  But you have a choice in the moment of ego disruption.  Notice the worry thought, observe it lovingly, and watch it float away.  Gently steer your thoughts back to the java moment where you were one with the universe, connected to your spirit.  Joy is a choice you make in every moment.  Use this Joyful Wednesday to experience joy in whatever you do!  I send you all blessings of joy!


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