Sunday’s accessory is forgiveness!

I love writing about forgiveness! For some reason forgiveness can be a contentious subject with many people. That’s why I love writing about it. Not to cause an argument or debate, but to shed light on the real meaning of forgiveness. The spiritual meaning rather than the dictionary version. The meaning which will carry you further along your path instead of pushing you deeper into fear. The dictionary states that forgiveness is pardoning someone for a mistake they made. True forgiveness is not about condoning anyone or anything. True forgiveness is an act of self love. An act you give yourself to set free any burdens you feel about a person or situation. Letting go can sometimes be difficult, however it’s so necessary if you wish to lighten your journey. Carrying around grudges weighs down your spirit. Letting go, frees it. It may take some time to get to the point of forgiveness when you think about it in the dictionary sense, but forgiveness can be instantaneous if it’s seen as a release of the burden. Letting stuff go that has held you down for so long will set you free. It will lighten your load. Forgive someone today. Forgive a situation or an issue that has been plaguing your life. Your spirit will be lifted when you do. I send you blessings for a spectacular Sunday! Today is a good day for forgiveness!



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