Don’t listen when they say you are being unrealistic!

Has someone told you that you’re dreams are unrealistic? Have you heard others say that your dreams won’t come true? Are you doubting your wishes because of what someone else has said? I’m here to tell you to keep dreaming, continue to wish for whatever you want, and don’t let anyone say it can’t be done, regardless of what your dreams are! They are your dreams! You will always have naysayers in your life and they will always have an opinion about your life. Well meaning friends or relatives who believe they have your best interests at heart will give you misguided advice based on their own fears. Don’t worry about what others say. Your dreams have value. Your life is yours to live as you wish. Let go of every fear, and dream as big as you can. Unrealistic is only a perception of fear, a limitation that holds you back from achieving your dreams. When someone tells you that your dream is unrealistic, silently bless them with love, thank them for their concern, and keep on dreaming. There is no need to defend your position. Your dream is as real as you make it! Blessings for a lovely Tuesday!


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