My meditation journey from chaos to serenity!

Meditating did not come easy to me, to say the least. When I decided to begin meditation some 25 years ago, I was so sure that I was going to achieve a zen like state in a few days. I mean, how hard could it be? I knew how to sleep very well, meditation couldn’t be much different than closing your eyes and relaxing. In fact, sleeping was what I was doing on a pretty regular basis back then. I was asleep even when I was awake! I didn’t realize how much of my life I had been missing out on by being in an unconscious state for most of my young life. But, I was determined to change from a zombie into a new age thinker by going deep into my subconscious through this miraculous thing called meditation. I had no idea it was going to take me so long to finally understand what meditation was all about, or that I wasn’t doing it wrong!

I discovered meditation in my early 20’s, however I quickly dismissed it time and again for fear I wasn’t doing it right. It didn’t seem to be working as well as I had read it should, so I put it on the back shelf each time I believed I failed at it. But, what I didn’t know was, it didn’t matter if it was perfect, or that I only achieved a minute or two of silence. It only mattered that I had quieted my mind enough to allow my inner voice to speak to me. The only important part of my perceived failure, was that I was unknowingly practicing to be in the space where magic happens. Back then, my self criticism was out of control, and anytime I tried something new, I would immediately dismiss any progress I made as not good enough. “One or two minutes will never propel me into enlightenment,” the critical voice would chant. If only I had known that enlightenment was already within!

So, I persisted with the practice of meditation, read a million books and articles on the elusive trance-like state I was trying so desperately to achieve, and continued to berate my method. And then, one day after several years of fumbling around and worrying about the effectiveness of my practice, I heard a voice as clear as if it was coming from a loud speaker in my ceiling. It scared me a little! I had been practicing listening to my inner voice for quite some time, and when I heard it shout at me, I was confused. I always thought that your inner voice was soft, and comforting, like a hug from your mom. Not this time! And, although the voice was loud, the message was soft and kind. The words were loving. I felt as though I had opened up a secret door in my subconscious, and all the trapped, loving, supportive words were spewing forth after years of being hidden by all the self-loathing talk I had forced on myself. This was a major breakthrough for me. I suddenly thought that maybe I was meditating the right way all along and I just needed to relax, let go of the results, and allow the process to unfold in the right time. I realized that all the years I had been working on lightening up and letting go, was leading me to this wonderful moment. My meditation practice was perfect for me!

From that moment on, I decided to continue meditating anyway I wanted. I change it up all the time now. There really is no “right” way to meditate for everyone. It’s all perception. It took me several years to understand that meditation can take many forms. When you find the right way for you, it changes your life. I now meditate several times a day, sometimes it may be for only a minute. When I have more time in my day, I might meditate for twenty minutes or longer. Sometimes I fall asleep when I’m in a deep trance, but instead of condemning myself for not staying awake, I am grateful to be calm enough to rest because I must have needed it. Finding your “right” way may take time, or you may discover it quickly, but however and whenever meditation graces your life, bask in it. Accept whatever practice you are currently working on without criticizing your method. It’s all leading you to serenity. Blessings to you and happy meditating!




Set intentions to make this week amazing!

I love to make goals on Sunday for the coming week. It helps me to focus and prepare for any unexpected challenges that might pop up. But, often the goals I make have nothing to do with starting or finishing projects. My favorite ways to set goals involve preparing myself to accept whatever comes my way, good and bad. I should change my words from “setting goals”, to “prepare for anything”! We never know exactly what might happen on any given day, however if you have prepared your spirit for obstacles and blessings, then everything you experience will allow you to grow.

Every night, before I go to sleep, my usual routine consists of checking emails, writing a tweet or two, reading something inspirational, and meditating. However, on Sunday I always go a little further by setting intentions for certain outcomes to manifest at sometime during the following week. When you set an intention, you’re actually sending a message to the Universe to deliver your desires. These desires are not necessarily materialistic in nature, although they could be if you so choose. My intentions vary from day to day. Often I will put my focus on feeling a certain way. For example, tonight I will put an intention out to the Universe to provide me with a calm, peaceful sleep. During meditation, once you become quiet and still, is the best time to set an intention. This sets in motion a vibration that is sent out into a space of potentiality. It’s the space where all things are possible. Abraham-Hicks calls it the Vortex. In this space, I create my life. When your vibration (good feelings) is high, it’s easy to create. You must get into the zone of positive feelings before you set your intentions. Once you are vibrating at a high frequency, desire away!



Exciting upcoming news!

Hey my beauties! I have been working on a new project over the summer that I am excited to share with you! In addition to my new book, The Necessary Accessories, I have been writing a PDF file to share with everyone. The Necessary Accessory program I developed to help propel me into a new life, a new way of thinking, and of course, a new way of being in this glorious world, will soon be available to download. I cannot give an estimated time of arrival for my new creation, but I will let you all know how it progresses over the next few months. I’m new to this whole world of blogging and getting my information out to my followers, but I promise I will share each step of my journey and my inspiration with you!

For now, I will be revealing parts of this new program in future blogs and tweets! Thank you to everyone who has been following me through my new adventure. Thank you for your patience and loyalty! I am blessed to know each and every one of you, whether it’s through Facebook, Twitter, other avenues (my spectacular group of family and friends), I am extremely appreciative. Stay tuned! Blessings to all!

Hello beautiful friends!

It’s time for some gratitude overload again! Throughout your day, remember to be grateful for each and every big and small experience. Don’t distinguish between good and bad, love it all. Say thank you to the Universe for another day on this planet. Remember to give thanks for your ability to speak, and walk, and love. If your day isn’t going as smooth as you had wished, you can turn it around with a loving dose of gratitude. Are you still breathing? Can you see? If you’re reading this, then your eyesight is a wondrous gift to be celebrated! No matter what’s going on in your life, being grateful for as much as you can will transform your day. At the end of the day, write down 10 things that made you smile today. Then say thank you for the experiences. Being grateful today will allow more to flow to you tomorrow! Blessings to you all! I’m so grateful for you!

Happy healing Friday! Here are 3 simple ways to begin your healing journey!

1. Remembering you are a divine spirit of this universe is a start! This means, that at your core you are already healthy. Somewhere along the way your thinking went astray, and your beliefs eventually had an impact on your health. Once you remember who you are, your healing will begin.

2. Stop the incessant poor me speech in your head! Change your inner voice to one of good health. Convince your body, your cells, your mind that you feel amazing! When you speak health, you will experience health.

3. Cut out the crap! This one, although blatantly obvious, is often something people are so unwilling to change. Most can get on board with knowing they need to change their thinking, but take away their Oreos and watch the resistance! But, it’s not rocket science. If you are serious about wanting to change your health, then it’s absolutely necessary to clean up your diet. 

By putting these three ways into play, your healing journey will begin to take on a whole new look! Try them for a week, a day, an hour, and watch your health turn around. Blessings of healing love to you all!

Necessary Accessory Update!

Hi everyone! I just wanted to update you all on the progress of my next book, The Necessary Accessories. I have been writing throughout the summer, mostly on Twitter and my blog here at WordPress, however my book has taken a bit of a back seat. My goal for the next while is to focus solely on finishing it. I will continue to share my Necessary Accessory plan through WordPress and Twitter until the full version is published. I hope everyone is enjoying following each day’s accessory, and if you have any questions, please feel free to drop me a question on Twitter, Facebook or my blog. Blessings to everyone!

Emanate joy today!

Whenever your mind begins to wander into fear, bring your thoughts back to the present moment. Simply being aware of your thoughts will immediately change how you feel. Awareness in the present moment is where you’ll find joy! Let it overcome you. Allow joy to radiate from your spirit. Then bask in that feeling. Once you learn how to tap into your innate joy, all you’ll ever experience is now!

Today’s Necessary Accessory is abundance!

If you’re trying to manifest more money, it’s important to have a millionaire mindset. Put out into the Universe all thoughts of wealth. Welcome all sources of income and prosperity. This could be as small as someone buying you a cup of coffee. Show gratitude for all abundance, regardless of the size, and you will always increase your wealth. Stop thinking thoughts of lack and poverty. It doesn’t serve you in anyway to complain about your financial situation. So, on this day of practicing abundance, do not speak one word of need or the shortage of money in your life. Begin speaking as though you have enough of everything. Think prosperity, and prosperity will show up in ways you could never have imagined. But, remember to thank each and every small way of abundance revealing itself to you. Look for them. Celebrate your wealth! My hope is that you will begin to change your life by changing your concept of wealth. Prosperity blessings to all!

Let today be a day devoted to your healing!

Where you feel broken or unwell, send blessings of healing to those parts. See each cell in your body sparked with divine healing and energy. Affirm often that your body, heart, and spirit are whole and complete. Don’t speak lack of health to yourself or anyone. It’s so easy to get caught up in the game of who has the worst illness, but what if you changed the conversation to how great you feel? Compliment others today! Praise yourself! Express gratitude for your body! Feed your body as though you are feeding your most precious child. Listen to your inner spirit voice for direction. Once you begin listening to your inner guidance, you will know exactly how to take care of yourself. Sending you blessings for a healthy Friday!