Three ways to change your mindset to increase your prosperity!

Do you have a mindset that attracts money easily or one that repels it? Are you sabotaging your wealth because of your money beliefs? If you are constantly struggling, living pay check to pay check, it’s likely you are not fully aware of how your belief system is contributing to your lack of wealth. Everyone inherits their beliefs about money from generations that came before, but most don’t realize it’s something they have full control over to change. Instead of creating their own belief system around money, they use the same one their parents and grandparents used. Of course it’s not on purpose, it’s the only way they know.

When I was growing up, I heard things like, “money doesn’t grow on trees!” That’s a classic. My grandfather was a big believer that money was the root of all evil. To this day, my dad continues to use that phrase as often as he can whenever a discussion of money or wealth comes up. But he learned it from his dad, and his dad learned it from previous generations, so it’s no big surprise that I adopted his lack belief system.

For many years I worried about my finances because I believed I was destined to follow in my family’s footsteps. I heard phrases like, “rich marry rich,” “family wealth is inherited,” and “you need money to make money.” Well no wonder I was poor! Where the hell was I going to get money to make money, especially since my bank account was constantly in the overdraft. My credit cards were maxed because I was using them for cash advances (no one told me that was a no no!), bill collectors were calling me almost everyday (not answering the phone was not making the problem disappear), and I could not see a way out of my financial dilemma except for a huge lottery win. But even if I had won the lottery at that time of my life, I probably would not have been able to manage it properly because I had not healed my lack mindset. Changing the way I thought about money was my only solution. It wasn’t the quick fix I was looking for, but I persevered and it changed my life dramatically!

The following 3 steps are suggestions to get you out of your lack mentality and into a prosperity mindset:

  1. Stop telling the story of how broke you are!

Most financially challenged people constantly talk about how broke they are, but if you are going to fix your money problems, you have to change the way you speak and think about your money. Stop getting into conversations about how little money you have. No one cares! And you are perpetuating your lack. It may be difficult at first to tell a new story about your wealth, it may even feel like you are fooling yourself and others, but the saying “fake it till you make it” applies here. It gets easier. Make it a habit to talk positively about your money and wealth. Stop saying you can’t afford something. Stop asking people how much they paid for something. And if you can’t bring yourself to tell the new story out loud, just stop talking about it completely to others and keep the story to yourself. But make a conscious effort to change your self-talk. Your inner dialogue becomes your belief system, so if you can find a way to talk positively about your money situation, eventually it becomes a habit. My new mantra became, “I am wealthy, I have plenty of money for all my wants and needs, money flows easily to me from all avenues.” And be patient with yourself. Find an affirmation that works for you. Just make sure it’s positive and uplifting. If you go back to worrying about money, try to correct that self talk as soon as you can. I promise, the more you practice this way of talking and thinking about your money and wealth, the easier it becomes. I didn’t change my thinking overnight. It took years, but it was so worth it.

2. Practice gratitude everyday, it opens up your world!

I began years ago to get on the gratitude train. I kept hearing this new buzz word from every self-help guru out there, and I thought I may as well give it a try. What have I got to lose? I started writing down 5 things everyday that I was grateful for. Simple things like, my son, my job, my MONEY! I started noticing, that as I became grateful for things already in my life, my life began to change. In small ways at first, and then gradually over time as I continued practicing gratitude, my life took on a whole new direction. Money actually started to “flow” into my life. My credit cards had a zero balance (a far cry from maxed out a few years earlier). I had money in a savings account! What???? I could afford brand name things (that was a big one for me). The more I practiced gratitude, the more grateful I became, and my financial picture changed dramatically. But it wasn’t only my money that increased. I became healthier and happier. I began loving my job that I had wanted previously to quit. My relationships improved. My entire life became joyful. Gratitude had literally transformed my life into one that I had wanted for years! The life I had wished for many years earlier, had become the life I was now living. Gratitude did that! Sounds too simple? That’s because it is!

3. Fall in love with money

When I began changing my mindset around money and wealth, I decided that I was going to begin to look at money completely differently. I didn’t want to fear it anymore, which I was essentially doing because of the family belief system handed down to me by my well meaning parents and grandparents. I put small amounts of money in each of my purses, started a savings account in two different banks (although the amount that went into these accounts started out small, it was still something I could see growing), and I became more generous with my money. When I changed purses for different occasions, it was such a nice surprise to see I had extra money in each one. Most people don’t use cash anymore, however keeping actual dollar bills in each of my purses helped me with the tangible part of money. I like having the cash to remind me what money is. It helps me remember that money is nothing to fear, and that if it leaves my purse or bank account, more will flow back to me. My monthly bills that used to make me cringe when they came in the mail no longer evoked a fearful response. I was thankful for the services those companies provided me. When you realize that money is just energy, and to keep the flow of that energy moving you must give it away, your opinion of paying bills becomes different. Accept and release, allow and let go. Don’t be angry or fearful around the concept of money. That attitude will surely keep it from flowing freely into your life. Love your money and you will change how money comes into your life. If someone had said those words to me when I was going through my darkest, poorest time of my life, I probably would have had a few choice words for them. I get it. Money is a subject that evokes a lot of different emotions in people. For those that don’t have a lot of money, fear and worry take over. But when you start looking at money differently than you’ve been led to, or taught to, your financial situation will change.

When I look back at how afraid I was, how I saw money as something that would never be abundant in my life, that I would be broke forever and never get ahead, I’m so grateful I decided to take the first step in changing my mindset. That’s all it takes. One small change, consistently practiced, will increase your prosperity. I always feel abundant now, in all areas of my life. My self-talk has become more consistent with how I want to feel. That is key! In order to live the way you wish to live, to have prosperity, more money, better health, whatever it is that you are desiring, you must change the way you think and speak in order to change your circumstances. Stop telling the broke story! No one wants to hear it! Start telling your new, prosperous, abundant, wealthy story! Prosperity blessings to you!





Be careful with your self talk today!

Whether we consider ourselves to be fully enlightened or just on the verge of making changes in the way we live, the words we think and speak form our lives. We can’t deny anymore how our thoughts, which transform into our spoken words, are absolutely creating the world we live in. However, when we speak to others, most of the time we try to be conscious of what we are saying to them. We want to be kind, loving, purposeful, and aware of what we want and need to say. We try to be polite to strangers, we smile at co-workers, and we laugh at jokes we don’t get, all the while knowing this isn’t how we treat ourselves. Why do we have ample respect and kind words for others, when we’re silently berating our own wonderful selves? When in our lives did we decide it’s okay to treat ourselves with such disrespect?

What many don’t realize is that our self talk is being heard. It’s being received by our bodies, by our minds, and ultimately will become our reality. Our thoughts become things! What we say, becomes true! When we think something over and over, it will appear in our world, in our lives, whether we want it or not. What do you want?

Begin today to change your life by changing how you speak to yourself. One small loving thought at a time will eventually become the new way you see yourself. Reprogram your old way of thinking about yourself. Stop repeating the same old story. You have a choice to think differently about your glorious self, so think something different. Believe something wonderful! Say something nice about yourself right now!  Sending you blessings for an amazing day!


Why you can never give up on your dreams!

There have been countless times when I’ve wanted to cash in the chips on all my dreams, let them go for a more “realistic” view of my life, stop fooling myself, but each time I heard the voice of reason, something has begged me not to give up. The small, protective voice that I’ve been accustomed to listening to in the past has diminished, and has been slowly, but consistently, replaced with the voice I was born with. The voice of my soul, my loving spirit. This voice, my true voice, which was covered by the beliefs of well meaning adults, has never failed me. It’s been waiting patiently for my awakening, knowing one day I would return to the love I was born with. It’s been holding onto my purpose until the day I realized why I am here. 

Although I know now what my purpose in life is, it took years of perceived struggle and dashed dreams to get to this point. Some days I may forget for awhile, however it now takes very little for my memory to return, and remember why I’m here in this particular lifetime. The loving, patient voice that guides me today has known my dreams when I was too sad, or too lost, or too angry to feel them or believe in them. Somewhere along the way, I began to listen to that voice again. I was tired of living in a fog. When you get to the point in your life when the fear has become exhausting, something shifts. The small voice becomes smaller as your authentic voice gets clearer, eventually dissipating as a memory. I hear it now. It never gave up on me. It helped me to rediscover my dreams. It waited for me to be ready. 

Be patient. Don’t give up on your dreams just yet. They’re waiting in a spot for you to be ready. Spend some time rediscovering who you were meant to be. Stop listening to everyone around you when they say you’re too old, or too young, or not smart enough. Just stop living your life listening to the opinions of others. Get back to the time when you knew who you were. It’s time to remember, to listen to your spirit. It’s time to believe in your dreams! 

You must feel rich to become rich!

Rarely do I engage in money conversations with others who are convinced they are broke. In fact, broke is a word everyone should remove from their vocabulary if they wish to create more wealth. The broke mindset is detrimental and contradictory to what most people say they want. What you think, you become. What you speak, you live. It’s that simple. The more you reinforce your lack of money with your worry thoughts about it, the stronger you make your reality of lack. When I’m in a conversation with someone who wants to complain about money, I automatically go into protection mode. As quickly as possible, I silently bless that person with prosperity, and then change the subject. If it’s a group pity party, I often remove myself from the conversation, either physically or mentally. When you engage in lack discussions, you are allowing those beliefs to permeate your subconscious. When the vibe of poverty is reinforced by others around you, it’s so important to remove yourself immediately. The energy is draining. Don’t join the party! 

I’ve developed a few strategies to make yourself immune to the effects of a poverty mindset when it tries to enter your thoughts:

1. Build a strong foundation of an abundant mindset. Focus on all you have and show appreciation for it everyday. Gratitude for what you do have creates room for much more. Realize that abundance and prosperity is more than the money you have in your bank account. Fill your mind with rich thoughts. Feel as though you have enough. If you can’t feel it, you will never achieve it.

2. When you become involved in a conversation about lack of money, remove yourself physically if possible. Walk away from the discussion, and regroup with thoughts of abundance. Feel gratitude for all your blessings, including money. Then, imagine a new conversation with the same individual or individuals about how much you have, how abundant your lives are, and how blessed you truly are. This new energy will be one of prosperity.

3. If you can’t physically leave the conversation, you must protect yourself from the negative energy by looking at the discussion differently. You may not be able to change the minds of the people you are talking to, but you will be able to change the energy of the words. Listen with love. Send them thoughts of prosperity as you are listening. See them happy. Visualize everyone involved living their best lives. When you look at a situation differently, the situation changes. When you silently bless those you are speaking with, the conversation takes a turn to a more positive light. It works every time!

Happy abundant Saturday everyone! May you all be blessed with prosperity and wealth! I see it for you!

Change your default response!

It’s time to change your default response to fearful situations by looking at them differently. Most of the time when faced with something that frightens or worries us, we automatically respond fearfully, which is our default mechanism. But when we practice seeing everything that comes into our lives in a loving, appreciative way, our default response changes to one of acceptance. The more we choose loving acceptance as a response to fear, the stronger we become in our ability to handle any challenge without falling to pieces. Instead of blurting out words that we might regret, we’re able to view a situation or person in a more loving light which then allows a calm response. How many times have you wished that you could take back something you’ve said in the heat of the moment? Before you’ve even had a chance to process what another has said or done, the attack words come spewing out, and instant regret floods your mind. When your default response is fear based, you’re relying on your own strength and will power to hopefully say the right thing in the right moment. That will power sometimes fails. But, when you practice responding lovingly in all situations, eventually you will be rid of attack thoughts. There will be times when you may fall back into old habits, and harsh words or thoughts will sneak out before you realize, however the foundation for a new way will have been formed, and the way back to a kinder response will be easy and natural. All it takes is a gentle perspective, a loving view, a desire for peace. Blessings to you!

Comparison is a dream killer!

Is it possible to completely get rid of doubt? You know that annoying little twinge you feel when you see someone else living their dream life? You wonder why you haven’t yet reached your potential, all the while feeling envious of those that seemingly have. But, how can you compare your journey to another’s? You can’t! It’s not possible. No two journeys are alike, just as no two people are alike. Comparison will only cause unwanted distress, and make you doubt your ability to fulfill your dream. Instead of worrying about how you measure up, honour your gifts, celebrate your differences, and realize it’s your uniqueness that will make you stand out. When you have faith in who you are, it’s easy to celebrate another’s success without comparisons. Lifting others up allows you to rise to unimaginable heights in your own journey. This is how to get rid of that twinge. So stop doubting and allow your greatness to shine through. May all your dreams come true! Blessings!

Does your belief system match your desires?

A good way to tell if your desires are a vibrational match to your beliefs, is by your emotions. When you think about your dreams in life do you feel excited and happy? Or do you feel anxious about the possibility they may never come true? If the thought of having everything you want brings up feelings of unworthiness and doubt, then you’re keeping your desires at bay. The only way to begin making your dreams come true, is to align your thoughts of whatever it is you desire with the vibration of positive, happy feelings. You need to get in the space of joy whenever your dreams come to mind. Believe with all your positive emotions that you are now in the process of receiving everything you want! Align your beliefs to your desires by lifting your emotions to a higher level and be prepared for miracles! Blessings to you for manifested dreams!

Forgive your younger self.

As I get older I become less and less critical of the stupid things I did when I was young. I no longer shame myself over my past mistakes, because I realize all those mistakes had to happen in order to help me grow. I understand why I had to go through certain experiences and heartaches. I’m grateful for those experiences, for my stupidity, and for everything I did wrong. I forgive myself for all of it. I love myself for all of it. Every little bit of it. The appreciation I hold for my journey grows each day, and will continue to grow through all the future blunders I will make, that I’m now excited to make. And isn’t that what this incredible, crazy journey is all about? Embracing all the parts of us, past, present, and future? So, instead of condemning your stupid, younger self, accept her. Love her. Forgive her. Then get ready for the rest of your amazing journey!

Three ways to add more bling to your work week using the necessary accessories!

If you’re dreading your work week ahead, here are some helpful ways to listen to your spirit and guide you through each day.

1. Begin your week in gratitude for it all. Go into gratitude overload the moment you wake up. Expressing gratitude is the quickest way to fast forward you into a good mood. I’ve written a lot on the topic of being appreciative about what you already have in your life, but it cannot be overstated. Many times we will begin a routine to think more positively by adding gratitude, and before the end of the day we’re complaining about something that didn’t go as we had planned. When you feel yourself turning into the complaint police, switch the gratitude light on immediately. The negative feelings will dissipate as quickly as they appeared.

2. There is absolutely no better way to raise your self-confidence than loving yourself as you are right now. In fact, it’s necessary in order to advance along your journey. When we are in the mode of nonacceptance, criticizing every move we make, degrading our appearance at every mirror we pass, we are disrespecting our spirit. Our souls came here to learn lessons of love, which include loving ourselves deeply. Learning to love yourself again allows you to love others more as well. Letting go of the conditions you set upon yourself will open up your heart, and free you to do what you are meant to do in this life. After all, love for yourself is what you were born with and will take with you when you leave.

3. One of the reasons we experience anxiety is because we are not living in the present moment. We are always worrying about the future or regretting the past, which makes it difficult to enjoy right now. The days of sitting on the front porch enjoying the sunshine and a glass of lemonade have been replaced with a fear filled society that places value on the newest gadgets which only make our relationships more and more impersonal. We work harder and longer than we ever have, only to acquire things to make our lives more enjoyable in the future, but we’re forgetting that the only time we have is now. Slow down. Breathe in the moment. Appreciate what’s in front of you right now. This is the way to make your soul smile.