How do you feel?

It’s been a long time since I’ve written anything at all! I’m not sure what has kept me from putting my thoughts down, but I felt the need to begin again. During this time, we could all use a little uplifting! I have always used writing as a way to, not only get my feelings and beliefs out, but to maybe impart some hope to all who read my posts. I’m hoping these words will lift us all up!

I know the answer to the above question is going to be different for everyone. Some of you are probably feeling hopeful, some are feeling sad, maybe some are extremely anxious or scared of what is to come in this time of uncertainty, but no matter how you are feeling right now, remember it’s a choice. You have the choice in any given moment to change the way you feel. If your swearing at me right now, I get it. I am not trying to dismiss the fear some of you are feeling, but I am going to tell you that your emotions are under your control. Your feelings may be absolutely justified, however, allowing your emotions to control you instead of the other way around, is what’s creating the unnecessary fear in your world. Your emotions are your guidance system, and you are in complete control of how you see the world around you.

What do you see right now? Most will say the world they see is scary, uncertain, mean. But it’s because you are looking at the world through a fear based lens, and allowing your reaction to be guided by outside circumstances. But there is another way to look at the same situation. We all have choices. The choice to see fear and chaos, or to see love and calmness. The choice to be bitter and hateful, or to be happy and kind. Our freewill comes from within, and we have the choice to see things differently, but most of the time the momentum of gloom and doom has taken off in a direction that’s difficult to stop. When this happens, we get stuck in a default program that is not serving our highest good. We are meant to be in joy! When we constantly look at what’s in front of us, we miss the beauty of the world, the love that’s available to all of us at any time we wish to access it. Some just don’t know it’s always there!

So, when you are feeling anything less than joyful, listen to that voice within that is your guidance system. It will never lead you down a gloomy path. If you feel sad or angry, or just frustrated at the world situation, remember you have a choice to feel better. Your emotions are not controlled by outside circumstances. You are in control of your emotions and the way you choose to feel! Love to all!



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