New Year resolution?

I absolutely do not believe in New Year resolutions. I understand the need to make changes in your life that will lead to a better you, however using the new year as an excuse to create a new life just doesn’t work. Most people inevitably go back to their old way of living, and usually that way is living by default. We have ingrained beliefs and habits that unless we choose to live a different way each and every day consistently and consciously, we eventually go back to those beliefs and habits. Wanting to change some aspect is usually the first step, and that’s what begins the resolution. Then, when the resolution fails and we go back to our old habits, we berate ourselves and sometimes each other, for not having enough will power or strength to follow through with the thing we thought would make our lives better.

But what if instead of trying to change something that we believe or a bad habit that’s been a curse in our life, we decide to accept ourselves completely? What would happen if we embraced all our idiosyncrasies and faults, and looked at them differently? What if we only focused on loving ourselves unconditionally? Could our lives change if we stopped focusing on the so called bad parts of our lives and consistently focus on our good? What we focus on expands, that’s just a basic law of the universe, so if we are focusing on the parts we want to change, by using will power or belittling our faults and habits, we are only creating more of that which we don’t want! The answer to getting rid of what we don’t want, is to only focus on what we do want. Stop looking at the parts of your life that aren’t working, and consciously and lovingly look at the parts that are working. Those areas will expand and the other unwanted parts will naturally fall away.

But, if you are still adamant about having a resolution for the new year, make loving yourself the only one. Loving yourself no matter how much you weigh. Loving yourself no matter how broke you are. Focus only on the love you have for yourself and your life will change in ways you can’t imagine. Stop complaining about your life and how others may be living. Put all your energy into love! Watch how your life changes once you make the only resolution that will work. That’s my resolution for the rest of my life!


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