Listen to you

There will be times when others may influence your thoughts or decisions. They may convince you that you are wrong, that your ideas are not valid, or that you are not good enough. They may push their own ideas on you. Believe me when I say that bullies come in all shapes and sizes, all ages, all forms. But those people cannot influence you if you choose to only listen to you! We all have an inner voice that is all knowing, and when we choose to honour that part of us and listen, we always have power. Listening to only our voice takes away the power of the outside world and anyone who tries to devalue you.

I occasionally forget that I have this power and revert back to letting others make me feel small, but it happens less these days since I’ve discovered this amazing power. The opinions of others don’t matter to me as much, even though I’m still learning to make all opinions but mine irrelevant. It only matters what I think about my life and myself. It isn’t anyone’s business how I spend my time, or how I live my life. When someone tries to make you feel less, it’s more about them anyway, than you. It’s their own insecurities and feelings of lack in their own life that are coming through their disapproval of you. Stop allowing it! We all have a choice to listen to our own wise voice. That voice is always approving, always loving, and will never make you feel less than the glorious being that you are! Listen to you!


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