Daily Inspiration: You are prosperous!

Do you believe that you’re prosperous? Many people will say no because their definition of prosperity is limited. If you expand your definition, and examine your life as it is right now, I guarantee you will feel prosperous.

Prosperity to most people means having lots of money, valuable assets, luxurious vehicles, and the list goes on. But I want to open you up to a whole new realm of prosperity that will allow you to feel prosperous right now. When you look at your life as it is in this moment, what do you see? Bills? Then you’re prosperous! When you have bills, you have services that many others in the world do not have. It means that you have luxuries such as electricity and running water. Do you have a place to live that shelters you from the weather? Then you’re prosperous! You may have a mortgage, which means you are on your way to owning your own home! That’s prosperity! Do you have healthy children? Are you healthy? Prosperous! Do you have a job you love? Do you have a job you hate? That’s prosperity! At least you have a job that pays those amazing bills! Do you have a family that loves you? Maybe you have a family that drives you crazy! It’s all prosperity.

Begin today to look at your life as prosperous! The reason many of us don’t see our lives as prosperous, is because we’re too busy looking at what’s wrong instead of how very blessed we are. It doesn’t matter what word we use either. Prosperous, abundant, lucky, blessed, they’re all the same. The word isn’t important. The feeling is. When you begin to put the feeling behind everything, then your life changes. When you feel prosperous, you are prosperous! When you feel abundant, you are abundant. Begin today and feel different about your life, and in no time at all you will have a completely different life! Wishing you all prosperity!


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