Daily inspiration: Minding my own business

Today I’m beginning a new segment where I share a daily inspiration with you. I can’t promise it will always be life changing, but maybe there will be something you can take away that will make you think just a little differently. Today the subject is minding your own business!

Lately, I’ve been going against a lot my own new beliefs, and doing and saying things that are none of my business. I sometimes get caught up in the drama of conversations where I have absolutely no business being involved in. Believe me, this new way of thinking and being in the world takes practice and commitment, and every so often I find myself reverting back to my old way of thinking, although it’s rare these days. Listening to my inner being keeps me on the right path, but sometimes my old voice shouts so loud that the calm voice is drowned out. These are the moments when I have to remember who I am! I need to go within and listen with love, and mind my own business!

Minding your own business is not easy. It takes courage. It takes love. It takes everything you have within you to stop talking when you want so bad to give advice. But the moment you realize that it’s really none of your business, the urge goes away. You no longer feel your advice is superior, or in anyway will change the other person’s mind. And you don’t care! Minding your own business is the only way to accept everyone and their own choices. The arrogance of budding in goes away too. Acceptance takes its place. Freedom takes its place. Tune in, listen to your inner being, and in time, minding your own business will not be an effort. It will be natural. It will be your new way of being in this world! Blessings!


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