Stop doing these things immediately!

1. Stop putting unrealistic expectations on others! It’s not their job to live up to standards that you’ve set for them. Set yourself free by letting them off the hook. Focus on your own life instead.

2. Stop believing that others are going to have the same values as you! They don’t! And when you expect them to, it causes you to judge them for something you can’t control. How insane is that? That brings me to the third thing you must stop doing.

3. Stop judging! This is a big one, and we’re all guilty of doing it, but if you want any chance for happiness, you must STOP judging! That includes yourself. When you judge others, you’re in essence judging yourself. It all comes back to you. Judging puts you in a place of self righteousness, which will eventually make you feel less than because it puts you in a place of comparison.

4. Stop comparing yourself to others! You are one of a kind! A star! No one else will ever be you. And that fact alone should be celebrated each and everyday!

5. Stop complaining! Please! No one likes a complainer, and it’s not bringing anything good into your life. If you only knew that complaining was bringing you more of what you’re complaining about, you would stop immediately. Start talking about what’s good in your life instead! Start appreciating the amazing life you have and watch it become even better.

6. Stop worrying! Like complaining, it only creates more things to worry about. Worry is such a useless, draining emotion, and serves no purpose! When you catch yourself worrying, change your thought to something that makes you happy. In time you will become good at changing your thoughts to happy ones. Happy thoughts equals happy life.

7. Last one! Stop being so hard on yourself! You are an incredible human doing the best you can. Praise yourself daily, hourly if possible. Become so in love with you, that you will always put yourself first. It’s not selfish, it’s necessary!


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