Are you living by default?

You have one life! One life to love and laugh. To feel joy. Are you making it the best life? Most go through life on automatic pilot, not knowing how to live any other way. Listening to others to make important decisions. Regarding other opinions more valuable than their own. Life is sometimes set up for you without your approval, and then you fall into a trap by living a life you had no say in. You forget that you have a say, a voice that you've forgotten to listen to. Your inner being is patiently waiting for you to listen. It's time to take back your life! It's time to make choices that resonate within you. Deep inside there is a fire that has gone out. Your inner being knows it's there. It's time to recapture what you are here for. Begin to live with joy in your heart, regardless of what your responsibilities are, (and let's face it, we can't just drop everything and run off to an exotic locale to sell baskets on the beach). Living joyfully, with purpose, will allow the ordinary to become extraordinary! But, there's a catch. You have to make a conscious effort each day to live in joy. You need to wake up and affirm that this day will be wonderful, that you will be happy. You can't wait for your day to unfold and then decide if it was a happy day or not. YOU have to make the choice before you get out of that bed, to live this day in joy. It doesn't just happen. Choose to appreciate everything, and you will awaken the joy, the fire within, and you will begin to live on purpose. You will no longer live by default. I'm a believer in how we live is what we live. If you live joyfully, you'll automatically be given more things and circumstances to enjoy. Stop waiting for outside things to make you happy. Be happy and joyful first, and watch how your life changes!


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