Let go of all toxicity in your life. 

Everyone has some kind of toxic element in their lives. People, diet, job, or a combination of all three and more can contribute to the feeling of unwell and despair within. We carry around resentment, anger, sadness, but we don’t know why these afflictions are with us day after day. The possibility that there may be another way of living never enters our minds when we’re deep in the negativity that we believe is bestowed upon us. Or if we do know a better way, we continue to live with toxins because we’re too afraid to change. But, we don’t have to let it consume us. We don’t have to allow it to cover our light. We have a choice to rid our lives of the toxic elements that bring us down. There is always a choice, although it often seems difficult to make the decision to get rid of the elements that are causing the distress. Choosing to let go of people, jobs, habits, whatever the cause may be, will lift the toxins out of your soul. Remember the necessity for your health and well being as you let go. It will become easier. It will feel good. You will feel lighter. As the toxins leave your body, your life, and your spirit, you will wonder why you didn’t rid yourself of them sooner. Remember that you are in charge of your joy, and when toxic situations invade your life, it’s your right to let them go immediately.  Life is meant to be lived in joy! Blessings for a peaceful, non-toxic day!


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