Be careful with your self talk today!

Whether we consider ourselves to be fully enlightened or just on the verge of making changes in the way we live, the words we think and speak form our lives. We can’t deny anymore how our thoughts, which transform into our spoken words, are absolutely creating the world we live in. However, when we speak to others, most of the time we try to be conscious of what we are saying to them. We want to be kind, loving, purposeful, and aware of what we want and need to say. We try to be polite to strangers, we smile at co-workers, and we laugh at jokes we don’t get, all the while knowing this isn’t how we treat ourselves. Why do we have ample respect and kind words for others, when we’re silently berating our own wonderful selves? When in our lives did we decide it’s okay to treat ourselves with such disrespect?

What many don’t realize is that our self talk is being heard. It’s being received by our bodies, by our minds, and ultimately will become our reality. Our thoughts become things! What we say, becomes true! When we think something over and over, it will appear in our world, in our lives, whether we want it or not. What do you want?

Begin today to change your life by changing how you speak to yourself. One small loving thought at a time will eventually become the new way you see yourself. Reprogram your old way of thinking about yourself. Stop repeating the same old story. You have a choice to think differently about your glorious self, so think something different. Believe something wonderful! Say something nice about yourself right now!  Sending you blessings for an amazing day!



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