You must feel rich to become rich!

Rarely do I engage in money conversations with others who are convinced they are broke. In fact, broke is a word everyone should remove from their vocabulary if they wish to create more wealth. The broke mindset is detrimental and contradictory to what most people say they want. What you think, you become. What you speak, you live. It’s that simple. The more you reinforce your lack of money with your worry thoughts about it, the stronger you make your reality of lack. When I’m in a conversation with someone who wants to complain about money, I automatically go into protection mode. As quickly as possible, I silently bless that person with prosperity, and then change the subject. If it’s a group pity party, I often remove myself from the conversation, either physically or mentally. When you engage in lack discussions, you are allowing those beliefs to permeate your subconscious. When the vibe of poverty is reinforced by others around you, it’s so important to remove yourself immediately. The energy is draining. Don’t join the party! 

I’ve developed a few strategies to make yourself immune to the effects of a poverty mindset when it tries to enter your thoughts:

1. Build a strong foundation of an abundant mindset. Focus on all you have and show appreciation for it everyday. Gratitude for what you do have creates room for much more. Realize that abundance and prosperity is more than the money you have in your bank account. Fill your mind with rich thoughts. Feel as though you have enough. If you can’t feel it, you will never achieve it.

2. When you become involved in a conversation about lack of money, remove yourself physically if possible. Walk away from the discussion, and regroup with thoughts of abundance. Feel gratitude for all your blessings, including money. Then, imagine a new conversation with the same individual or individuals about how much you have, how abundant your lives are, and how blessed you truly are. This new energy will be one of prosperity.

3. If you can’t physically leave the conversation, you must protect yourself from the negative energy by looking at the discussion differently. You may not be able to change the minds of the people you are talking to, but you will be able to change the energy of the words. Listen with love. Send them thoughts of prosperity as you are listening. See them happy. Visualize everyone involved living their best lives. When you look at a situation differently, the situation changes. When you silently bless those you are speaking with, the conversation takes a turn to a more positive light. It works every time!

Happy abundant Saturday everyone! May you all be blessed with prosperity and wealth! I see it for you!


One thought on “You must feel rich to become rich!

  1. It feels as though you are putting life to the feelings I have felt. I have been working on infusing my life with positivity and love and a feeling of abundance but sometimes I happen to find myself in conversation s with people who are either cribbing or focusing on lack and I do find something inside of me stir and want to cut off connection from tht situation. I get mentally disconnected from people who are talking about how miserable their lives are. Sometimes I am able to block their energy from merging with mine but at times I feel drained after having tried to convince them to think otherwise and later I have to do a lot of affirmations to restore my energy levels.

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