Change your default response!

It’s time to change your default response to fearful situations by looking at them differently. Most of the time when faced with something that frightens or worries us, we automatically respond fearfully, which is our default mechanism. But when we practice seeing everything that comes into our lives in a loving, appreciative way, our default response changes to one of acceptance. The more we choose loving acceptance as a response to fear, the stronger we become in our ability to handle any challenge without falling to pieces. Instead of blurting out words that we might regret, we’re able to view a situation or person in a more loving light which then allows a calm response. How many times have you wished that you could take back something you’ve said in the heat of the moment? Before you’ve even had a chance to process what another has said or done, the attack words come spewing out, and instant regret floods your mind. When your default response is fear based, you’re relying on your own strength and will power to hopefully say the right thing in the right moment. That will power sometimes fails. But, when you practice responding lovingly in all situations, eventually you will be rid of attack thoughts. There will be times when you may fall back into old habits, and harsh words or thoughts will sneak out before you realize, however the foundation for a new way will have been formed, and the way back to a kinder response will be easy and natural. All it takes is a gentle perspective, a loving view, a desire for peace. Blessings to you!


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