Comparison is a dream killer!

Is it possible to completely get rid of doubt? You know that annoying little twinge you feel when you see someone else living their dream life? You wonder why you haven’t yet reached your potential, all the while feeling envious of those that seemingly have. But, how can you compare your journey to another’s? You can’t! It’s not possible. No two journeys are alike, just as no two people are alike. Comparison will only cause unwanted distress, and make you doubt your ability to fulfill your dream. Instead of worrying about how you measure up, honour your gifts, celebrate your differences, and realize it’s your uniqueness that will make you stand out. When you have faith in who you are, it’s easy to celebrate another’s success without comparisons. Lifting others up allows you to rise to unimaginable heights in your own journey. This is how to get rid of that twinge. So stop doubting and allow your greatness to shine through. May all your dreams come true! Blessings!


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