Forgive your younger self.

As I get older I become less and less critical of the stupid things I did when I was young. I no longer shame myself over my past mistakes, because I realize all those mistakes had to happen in order to help me grow. I understand why I had to go through certain experiences and heartaches. I’m grateful for those experiences, for my stupidity, and for everything I did wrong. I forgive myself for all of it. I love myself for all of it. Every little bit of it. The appreciation I hold for my journey grows each day, and will continue to grow through all the future blunders I will make, that I’m now excited to make. And isn’t that what this incredible, crazy journey is all about? Embracing all the parts of us, past, present, and future? So, instead of condemning your stupid, younger self, accept her. Love her. Forgive her. Then get ready for the rest of your amazing journey!


5 thoughts on “Forgive your younger self.

  1. A lesson we all eventually receive and understand at different times. I knew this when I was in high school. Over the years I felt estranged that others simply couldn’t just accept their past as easily as I did. We all have our own pace. Thanks for the share!

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  2. I really like the way you’ve explained the forgiveness of the younger self. As I forgive parts of my critical self. I decided to challenge myself and listen to my inner child. So I took on a 21 days challenge to connect with her. Creative Flow with Sara Waters–Art Journaling to connect with your Inner Child in 21 days so far it is a beautiful experience to stop and listen to the small voice and give thanks and unconditional love. Blessings to you Angie πŸ˜‰

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  3. This is something that took me until my 50s to learn. I found it especially hard to forgive myself for mistakes I made as a parent. Then as I saw my own children become adults I saw that I can not feel guilty for things that I did not know then what to do. In other words I realized I could not judge my past mistakes based on what I know now.

    So glad you dropped by my post and thanks for the follow. I look forward to reading more of your uplifting posts.


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