Set intentions to make this week amazing!

I love to make goals on Sunday for the coming week. It helps me to focus and prepare for any unexpected challenges that might pop up. But, often the goals I make have nothing to do with starting or finishing projects. My favorite ways to set goals involve preparing myself to accept whatever comes my way, good and bad. I should change my words from “setting goals”, to “prepare for anything”! We never know exactly what might happen on any given day, however if you have prepared your spirit for obstacles and blessings, then everything you experience will allow you to grow.

Every night, before I go to sleep, my usual routine consists of checking emails, writing a tweet or two, reading something inspirational, and meditating. However, on Sunday I always go a little further by setting intentions for certain outcomes to manifest at sometime during the following week. When you set an intention, you’re actually sending a message to the Universe to deliver your desires. These desires are not necessarily materialistic in nature, although they could be if you so choose. My intentions vary from day to day. Often I will put my focus on feeling a certain way. For example, tonight I will put an intention out to the Universe to provide me with a calm, peaceful sleep. During meditation, once you become quiet and still, is the best time to set an intention. This sets in motion a vibration that is sent out into a space of potentiality. It’s the space where all things are possible. Abraham-Hicks calls it the Vortex. In this space, I create my life. When your vibration (good feelings) is high, it’s easy to create. You must get into the zone of positive feelings before you set your intentions. Once you are vibrating at a high frequency, desire away!




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