Today’s Necessary Accessory is abundance!

If you’re trying to manifest more money, it’s important to have a millionaire mindset. Put out into the Universe all thoughts of wealth. Welcome all sources of income and prosperity. This could be as small as someone buying you a cup of coffee. Show gratitude for all abundance, regardless of the size, and you will always increase your wealth. Stop thinking thoughts of lack and poverty. It doesn’t serve you in anyway to complain about your financial situation. So, on this day of practicing abundance, do not speak one word of need or the shortage of money in your life. Begin speaking as though you have enough of everything. Think prosperity, and prosperity will show up in ways you could never have imagined. But, remember to thank each and every small way of abundance revealing itself to you. Look for them. Celebrate your wealth! My hope is that you will begin to change your life by changing your concept of wealth. Prosperity blessings to all!


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