Peace is my super power!

Let this day be the day you feel your inner peace! This is the day to let it all go. It’s often difficult to feel peaceful during uncertain times in your life, but when you release your expectations to the Universe to take care of, peace is the result. It’s necessary to have expectations, to dream big, and want a better life. Expectations make your journey exciting and worthwhile, but they can also make you crazy when you’re too attached to the outcome. The key to remaining peaceful amidst your wanting to change things, is to hand over the outcome to the Universe. Controlling the how’s and when’s will certainly put you in panic mode. Letting go is trust. Knowing it’s all working out is freedom. The only thing you need to do today, is let peace be your guide. Before you do anything today, affirm that peace is within. Whatever your task is today, accomplish it peacefully. When you begin to come unraveled over an issue because it’s not working out how you want it to, stop and let the feeling of peace wash over you. We all have the ability to change panic into peace. It’s remembering in the moment of chaos that we sometimes forget about our super power. In those crazy moments, all seems lost. But, by remembering to give up control and remain peaceful, you are actually using one of your strongest powers. Stay peaceful my friends! Blessings for a peaceful Thursday!


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