You were born grateful!

It’s time to use your gift of gratitude to heal the world. We all know how to be grateful, because we were born grateful. Over a period of time some of us have lost the innate ability to show gratitude, but it’s always there waiting to be showered on the world. Showing gratitude is one of the quickest and easiest ways to change your life. Instead of wishing your life would change and worrying about what’s coming next, practice gratitude. Daily blessings of gratitude for yourself and others will dramatically improve the quality of your life and bring you more abundance in all forms which then allows you to share with the world. The act of being grateful for everything in your life is often overlooked and dismissed as being unimportant or too difficult to practice everyday. However, just like anything that’s worth the effort, practicing gratitude will give you the greatest payoff. It is the most simple way to add more of everything good to your life. But being grateful for the seemingly bad things in your day is just as important as showing gratitude for all the good things that happen. This is where some give up. It’s easy to be grateful for things you like, but how can you be happy when something negative has shown up in your life? Look for the lesson behind it. When you see the blessing in the lesson, your perspective of the situation changes. Then it becomes easy to show gratitude. Be grateful for the opportunity to experience all of life and you will allow more wonderful things to come to you. Blessings to you all on this Gratitude Monday! I am grateful that you allow me to share my thoughts!


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