Let’s open our hearts together!

In this hectic, crazy world sometimes it’s difficult to operate from your heart. But, now more than ever, it’s imperative that we do so. When we operate from our hearts, it doesn’t mean we are in denial about our lives and the world, but that we look at things from a softer perspective. From a heart centered view instead of a fear based one.  Seeing our world through spirit eyes is a game changer. In this loving perspective, we are on a higher receptive ground as well. Receiving love from others and ourselves is just as crucial in order to rise above the mess. When giving and receiving are carried out collectively, the entire world benefits. We can’t give in to the madness, we need only to lift ourselves above it. You have a responsibility today!  A purpose to fulfill! Love is your only job today. Whatever you’re doing, do it with love! I have faith in you! Let’s all open our hearts together! Blessings for a loving Tuesday!


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