The Necessary Accessories: bling for your spirit!

The Necessary Accessories is a plan I created during a time of confusion and chaos in my life. The entire plan is outlined in my book, Am I enlightened yet, and will be explained in greater detail in my next book, The Necessary Accessories, which I am in the process of writing. To begin, all you need is a journal, a comfy chair or bed, and an open heart. I also like to have my crystals beside me, but whatever makes your space comfortable is perfect. You can begin on any day of the week when you first start the plan, just make sure you begin the night before to prepare for the next day. Okay, are you ready to add more bling to your spirit?

Begin by finding a quiet spot, free from clutter and distractions. Preparing just before sleep sets the intention for the next day to be amazing. I usually sit upright in bed, but whatever works for you is great. Make sure you have a journal ready to write down your thoughts immediately after your breathing exercises. Begin by closing your eyes and breath using the 5,6,7 method. There are many ways to do this breathing activity, and you can create your own comfortable, calming way, it doesn’t matter how many seconds you choose in your pattern, the goal is to relax. Breathe in for a count of 5 seconds, hold for 6 seconds, and breathe out for 7 seconds. Continue breathing this way until you feel calm.

Next is a journal entry. I like to date my entry and title it with the accessory I am working on. Let’s use Gratitude Monday for this example, which I would begin on Sunday night to prepare for the next day. This way I am ready as soon as I wake up to practice gratitude. Your journal writing does not need to be poetic or elaborate, just jot down any thoughts you have about being grateful and what gratitude means to you. There are nights I can write several pages, and then some nights my energy only produces a short paragraph. Whatever you are feeling, write it down. But, please make sure it’s positive! No complaining allowed when you are preparing to bling out! When you are finished writing, put your journal beside your bed, and get ready for your meditation.

If you have never meditated before, please don’t feel apprehensive or worried that you won’t be able to, or that you will do it wrong. There is no wrong way to meditate! I learned that the hard way. After criticizing myself for years and searching for the “right” way to meditate, I realized that there are as many ways to meditate, as there are people in the world. Each of us has our own innate process of meditation built right in, if we take the time to uncover it. I will write more about meditation later, but for now, use a simple technique that I started with. Close your eyes, and breathe using the 5,6,7 method as stated before. Then, just breathe normally. As you breathe, focus only on your breath. I sometimes put my hand over my heart to feel the beat as I breathe. If you have a million things running through your mind, bring yourself back to your breath and your heartbeat each time your mind wanders. If you keep getting distracted, don’t criticize yourself or worry that it’s not working, just gently bring yourself back to your breath. I also do a visualization for each accessory, but I explain that later. If you know how to visualize already, this is where I use it to create my life. It’s up to you if you want to use visualization during this time. There are many times where I need to just breathe and be. For now, slow down your breathing, feel your body relax, and let go. You are now ready to sleep.

When you awake, read your journal entry from last night and get ready for Gratitude Monday! I like to begin with a gratitude overload. Before you get out of bed, state what you are grateful for in your immediate surroundings. I usually begin with my bed, covers, bedroom, the glorious sleep I had, or the few hours I had if it was a restless night. Remember, only positive affirmations of gratitude. No complaining! You are alive! Be grateful for that! If you don’t like your job, be grateful you have a job which pays the bills. If you have a lot of bills, be grateful that companies provide you with services, such as water and heat. Some people are not so lucky. Be grateful for your toothbrush, your shampoo, your clothes, your breakfast. Go completely overboard with gratitude right away, and feel how uplifting it is. Throughout your day, remember to say thank you often. Thank you to people, to green lights, to prime parking spots, to the Universe! If something in your day is causing you distress, stop, breathe, and feel grateful for something else immediately. Bring yourself back to gratitude quickly and peace will return. As you wind down your day, remember to say thank you for all you accomplished during this busy day. Even if you only remembered to do the morning gratitude overload, feel grateful for that. Gratitude is the way back to your heart!

The rest of the week will be just as wonderful. I will outline the rest more completely in a future post, but for now, the Necessary Accessories are as follows:

  • Monday – Gratitude
  • Tuesday – Love
  • Wednesday – Joy
  • Thursday – Peace
  • Friday – Health/Healing
  • Saturday – Abundance
  • Sunday – Forgiveness

The practice is the same for all: Breathe, Write, Meditate/Visualize. If you want a more in depth look at the accessories, check out my book on amazon. Blessings to you! Hope you have an amazing gratitude Monday!






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