Stop scaring yourself!

It’s so easy to get caught up in the frightening events that are happening in the world these days. Every time we turn on the news, or scroll through our Facebook page, we are bombarded by disastrous stories. Our minds are crammed with sad, depressing stories of death, sickness, and one tragedy after another. How can we not feel overwhelmed by all this fear! And on top of those gloomy stories, we read constantly about how we should live our lives. Don’t eat that, you shouldn’t drink this, why aren’t you exercising more! It goes on and on. We feel guilty because our bodies are not as we think they should be. We compare ourselves to others, to their lives, to their health, to their wealth, instead of celebrating who we are. We listen more to other opinions about ourselves, than we listen to our own voice. We all have a voice inside that knows best for us, but instead of taking it’s advice, we tune into someone or something that doesn’t even know us! If everyone on this planet really learned how to listen to their own spirit voice, the voice that is connected to Universal love, the voice that knows better than anyone else, we would see a completely different world. Getting quiet and tuning in is the first step. Take a few minutes today to become still and quiet, and listen for your voice. If the loud ego voice interrupts, breathe and turn back towards the quiet, loving voice that is your connection to spirit. It takes practice, but setting aside time each day to pay attention to your spirit voice will change the way you see the world. Eventually, the loud, scary voice that shouts worry and fear will be drowned out by your authentic voice. The voice we were all born with. The voice that points us in the right direction. The voice that knows best for us. Perhaps we will never fully be rid of the chaos in the world, but we can choose to see the best parts of ourselves and others by tuning in to Universal love instead! Blessings for a lovely, joyful day!


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