Remove hate from your vocabulary!

When you react in anger towards any situation, you are creating a vibration of low frequency. That’s why you feel drained of energy when you are fighting with someone or against something. Most reactions to a negative person or experience are usually anger or fear or sadness, and as justified as you feel you are during these times, you are doing harm to your soul. Whenever you say the word hate, you are creating more negative situations in your life. All those times that someone has wronged you, are there to show you another way to respond. All illness, lack of money, dysfunctional relationships, bad luck, is in your life for a reason. It’s useless to hate these things. When you remind yourself over and over how horrible your situation is, you are creating more things to hate. The energy you are putting into hating your illness, or your spouse, or your job is of such low frequency, that you are literally attracting more of that which you hate and you don’t realize it. Instead of cursing your financial lack, or your job situation, or whatever you are hating in your life right now, try blessing it instead. See your situation differently right now. Don’t wait for your life to be different, make it different in your mind. Imagine what you want. Visualize the life you desire. Stop putting energy into the things you don’t want and put it into things and situations you do want. Stop using the word hate, and use love instead. Your energy will change instantly just by replacing the word hate with love, or joy, or peace, or any high vibration word. Then practice this on a daily basis. The moment you hear yourself complaining about or hating something, stop yourself and immediately replace those thoughts with an image filled with love. You will feel uplifted instead of drained. You will attract more loving situations and people to your life. Things that bothered you in the past will no longer be of significance, because your life will be operating at a level that makes you feel good. And that feeling of good will be your dominant frequency from now on! Blessings of love to all!


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