Forgive, even when it’s difficult!

I consider myself someone who can forgive others easily, even when that forgiveness is difficult. However, lately I have been given a rather challenging opportunity to demonstrate forgiveness towards someone who has in the past been a troubling addition to my life. I say opportunity because I believe forgiving this person is a lesson for me to finally get. I’m tired of the toxic energy that comes from our interactions, and I know it’s up to me to put an end to the conflict on my end. When one person in your life is a source of contention, the change must come from you. We have no control over anyone else’s actions, but we can do something about our own, and that is enough to change the situation. So, the lesson for me is to see this person differently, to forgive them and let them go to be who they need to be regardless of their relationship to me. My only job is to allow the healing to take place within my own heart, and let everything else go. It doesn’t mean that I’m going to tolerate bad behaviour directed at me, or allow the toxic energy to permeate my field, it just means that I can look at the entire situation with peace instead of anger. It means that little by little I am willing to choose peace instead, and the more I choose a peaceful outcome, the less likely I will feel the darkness that comes from interacting with those whose lot in life is to cause pain in others. There is always a choice to see differently, to look at the light and let the darkness go. So, today I choose peace, and I am willing to forgive. I send blessings of forgiveness to all!


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