Sometimes you just have to let it go! 

It can be exhausting taking on issues that are not your own. It’s especially difficult when you know the battle could be laid to rest if they would just let go of the anger, and forgive each other. And when you can clearly see a solution, but have no willing participants, it can be frustrating. This is the time to pack it in. Remember, being a peace keeper doesn’t mean shouldering the heaviness of other people’s problems. Sometimes the only loving thing to do is let it go on your end, let them go along with their issues, and know you tried your best. If it’s not your conflict, then releasing the outcome is not only necessary, it really is the only answer. However, you can continue to send blessings for peace. You must continue to see everyone in a state of joy. This act alone will bring peace to your mind, and allow others to heal through your joy. Sending blessings of healing and forgiveness to all those who need it!


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