See everyone in light!

Along your journey you will encounter those spirits whose light has not yet been acknowledged by them. They are the ones who are living unconsciously, not realizing the light within is their true nature. Most often, they do not know how to live any differently, and so their journey is usually filled with fear. When you encounter them in your life, whether they be family members, friends, colleagues, or merely acquaintances, you have a responsibility to see the light in them, even when they can’t. Whenever you are met with fearful people, you have the chance in that moment to either react with fear or to heal with love. Meeting fear with fear will continue the cycle of unconscious thoughts and behaviour, but meeting fear with light and love will always create a peaceful encounter. Anytime you have an interaction with someone who is choosing to react with a fearful attitude, is an opportunity for you to see this person differently. Seeing the light within them is the only choice if a peaceful outcome is what you desire.


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