Peace is an accessory for your spirit!

Is it possible to be peaceful all the time? Perhaps it’s naive to think so, however I believe it’s not only a possible goal to achieve, but a simple one too. We all possess the ability to access peace at any given moment, but because our lives are so busy and chaotic these days, peace is often an afterthought. Reacting in fear to a situation has become the norm for most people, allowing outside circumstances to control how peaceful they are, instead of holding peace in all instances. When we allow our outer world to control the amount of harmony or discord in our lives, we give away our power. We all possess an innate quiet voice that will help us drown out all the noise of the outside world if we only allow it to. Practicing peaceful reactions to everything is a necessary requirement for your spirit. It longs for it. Try changing your reactions for one day, from anger, sadness, whatever your default response is, to peace. If you’re used to always reacting a certain way, it may take perseverance and much awareness to catch yourself before you’re affected by a particular situation, however once you allow peace to be your new response, it will eventually become automatic. Sending you all blessings for a peaceful day!


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