Tuesday is the perfect day to love yourself!

Loving myself didn’t come easy for me. In fact, I still haven’t graduated from the “I am perfect just as I am” school yet, but my self love is deeper than it’s ever been, and I have mirror work to thank for that. I’ve been a big supporter of mirror work for the last several years, however I used to cringe at my reflection each time I passed a mirror, picking apart each perceived flaw wishing I could change a few of my features. My love of fashion magazines and the beauty that stretched across each page didn’t help with my self confidence either. I grew up comparing myself to everyone. They were taller than I was, prettier, skinnier, and always had an easier, more glamorous life than I had. Of course, those were only assumptions conjured up in my insecure mind which always produced more anxiety about my appearance. And then I discovered mirror work. A simple, yet powerful practice that changed my entire view. I had been studying a Course in Miracles, and working on healing my life from years of fearful thinking, so this new little gem of change fit right in to my life. As I began the process of talking to myself in the mirror, I felt silly at first, but the more I praised each part of my face and body, the easier it became. I would look for my beauty each time I passed a mirror, and instead of immediately looking for a flaw, I focused on the loveliness of me. I also began looking at others differently, seeing their unique beauty instead of judging or comparing. The moment you begin to love yourself, your whole view of the world changes. See yourself as the loving, lovely, lovable being you are! I send you blessings of love today! 


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