What is your bliss?

Do you believe it’s possible to live your bliss? I don’t mean having a hobby you partake in a couple times a week, I’m talking about living, breathing, immersing yourself in something you can’t live without. Something you were born to do. Hobbies may provide a temporary happiness that usually lasts only as long as you are involved in it, but your bliss, your purpose, the thing that makes your heart skip a beat, is something completely different. Do you know what your bliss is? Let’s begin there. In order to live a truly blissful, purposeful life, you must first identify that which makes your heart sing with joy. For many, this beginning step of removing all the gunk that’s covering your authentic self, is the most difficult. If you’ve been denying the child within by pretending to be an adult who needs to work hard in this scary world, it’s time to let that little one surface. What did you love when you were younger? Make a list of all the glorious activities you loved as a child. Is there anything on your list that stands out? Anything that’s calling to your heart to take a closer look at? Is fear holding you back from pursuing that which is beckoning you? The first step is always the most scary, but not taking the step is tragic. Don’t let the fear of what could happen prevent you from revealing what has been buried for too long. Today is the day to take the leap!


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