What are you needing from your spirit today?

Some days I have to dig deep to listen to my spirit. Days that seem overwhelming. Days filled with worry. Days where I want to run screaming from the thoughts that are taking over my mind. Those are the days in which I have let the ego creep back in. Those kinds of days are rare for me, however every now and then I experience a day filled with fear. If I catch the ego at its work, before it does too much damage, before it’s gotten out of control, before it has forced its way into my mind to wreak havoc,  it has no power over me. The moment I recognize those thoughts of fear for what they are, I can then lovingly choose to let them go. Affirm that the ego’s sly plan will not work, and allow your spirit to guide you. When you listen to the quiet voice within, the ego’s voice is silenced. Fighting against fearful thoughts, only creates more fear, but looking at the thoughts with love releases them. However, it’s important to quiet your mind as soon as you recognize this day is ego driven. The sooner you can change the ego’s agenda, the easier it will be to bring love into your thoughts. Ask your spirit for whatever you need today, and it will lovingly respond. I send everyone blessings of peace and joy!


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