A brief excerpt from my new book, “The Necessary Accessories.”

Most of the time we’re all walking around in a daze, believing our experiences are the result of uncontrollable outside circumstances. But, what if we are in charge, and have been all along? What if we had complete control over every thought and idea, and in turn every experience we have endured, good and bad? When we allow our minds to conjure up worst case scenarios, we create worst case experiences. If we focus on fear, fearful situations are handed to us without question, and ultimately we place blame on everything outside of us, when all along it was our own thinking that went astray. If we are the drivers of our own destiny, with a little help from the great and powerful Universe, then we don’t have to wait for life to happen to us. We can decide what our experiences should be. We can change the outcome, the future, the moment. Making one small adjustment to your thoughts will jumpstart the process of living consciously. Your choice, your thoughts, your life.


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