I am joy!

Whenever you’re struggling to bring anything into your life, it’s always because of the need vibe you’re projecting to the Universe. When the need vibe is at work, the energy is counteracting with the thing you so desperately want, which keeps you from manifesting anything, including material things, feelings, and experiences. The moment “I need” is replaced with “I have” or “I am,” the energy changes, and gives you the power to attract all you “need.”  What do you want in your life? Joy? Money? Love? Begin by stating confidently that which you desire. I am joyful. I have enough money. I am loved by many. Before you become whatever it is you wish to become, you must be willing to believe it’s possible. Stating “I am” instead of “I need,” creates an open space for all you desire to make its way to you! I wish you all a joyful day!


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