Dissolve toxic energy with compassion and forgiveness.

At some point in your journey, you will cross paths with certain individuals whose sole purpose in life is to create chaos and confusion wherever they go. Fear has caused these souls to veer off of their intended path, and seek out others to project their hurt onto. When you are confronted by such fearful personalities, the only way to dissolve the toxic energy is to meet it head on with compassion and forgiveness. Though, this act may seem entirely impossible and undeserved, it’s necessary for your own growth and well-being. When fear is met with resistance and attack, the cycle continues. Reacting from a place of anger will continue to produce more anger. Reacting with love will stop fear in it’s tracks. You have the power to stop the cycle. This is an opportunity to dig deep. Reach down where your true essence resides, and offer forgiveness. In the moment of a fearful interaction, responding with kindness and compassion may seem like the farthest thing from your mind, but doing so will bring clarity and peace to you immediately. It takes courage and strength to see past the hurt of another soul to the essence of who they truly are, but the rewards of such sight are immeasurable. I send you all blessings of love!


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