Judgement will always be projected back to you.

Have you ever placed judgement upon someone and then immediately felt a negative energy well up inside? Whenever you judge another being, regardless of the intent, it will always be projected back to you. What you see in others, good and bad, you will ultimately see in yourself. I want to offer an experiment to explain this phenomena of projection. Watch your judgemental thoughts closely for one full week. Record, if possible, each time you catch yourself passing any sort of judgement upon another human being, and then examine those judgements. How are those thoughts of another the same as your own thoughts about yourself? If you look closely, I guarantee you will see the similarity. Once you realize how your thoughts of another are mirrored back to you, judgement will cease. It takes practice and perseverance to suspend all judgement, but the more you focus on good things about others, the more you will see those same good things in yourself! Sending blessings of love and acceptance to all.


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