What are you doing to manifest your desires?

Today is the perfect day to bring your desires to light. To begin, you must first know exactly what it is you want. Most of us have no clue what our desires are. Vague descriptions of happiness will not be enough. You must be specific. This is usually the most difficult part of the manifestation process. If we can’t name our desire, we won’t be able to create it. Wishing and hoping for a certain outcome will be wasted energy if the Universe is getting mixed or wishy washy signals. Any doubt you have about whether you are deserving or not will also negate your progress. The process is rather simple once you get clear about what you want. Name it and ask, let it go so the Universe can do it’s job, and have faith. If those three steps are undertaken, your desire will always manifest. Blocks of any kind, conscious and/or unconscious, will be a hindrance, so make sure you have cleared all doubt from your desire. If your desires are failing to appear, then you must find the block. But, you need to make this process fun. If it’s undertaken with a note of desperation, the energy surrounding your wish will produce frustration. Practicing the Law of Attraction takes patience and humor. It’s no use stamping your feet when what you’ve been hoping for fails to show up in your life. Re-evaluate your desire and try again with faith and detachment. I’m sending blessings of prosperity to all on this Abundant Saturday! Happy manifesting!!!


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