Prepare for healing Friday tonight!

Before you go to sleep tonight, prepare for a magical, healing Friday by visualizing how you intend it to be. When you set the stage for how you want your day to unfold, you will always be successful. Be kind to yourself on this day by feeding your body exactly what it needs. Rest when you need it, walk if you can, eat lots of fruit and vegetables, and love yourself unconditionally. It doesn’t matter how you’re feeling about your body at this moment, tomorrow is a new day. Forgive yourself if you consumed more than your body required. Let go of the guilt for eating that pie. When feelings of shame consume you, let them go and know you can start again. Holding onto a negative perception of your body will not change how you treat it. Only love can do that. Once you understand that loving yourself is the only way towards healing, you will forever handle yourself with care! Blessings for a healthy Friday!!!


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