Once you accept all the parts of your life, good and perceived bad, you can then begin to accept responsibility for your life. We often believe that life happens to us, and we have certain illnesses or bad luck because it’s just the way it is.  But we can look at it a different way, a more constructive way that puts us in the driver’s seat instead of chalking it up to fate. When we realize and accept that we have created the life we have, we can then put into action a plan that will allow moving past the victim stance. To do this we must recognize our part in bringing our life to fruition. Operating as a victim, keeps us victimized. When we know that our power has created our life up to this moment, freedom takes over and we can then begin to recreate. We all have the internal capacity to change whatever is not working, and to increase whatever is. It just takes a little courage to look at our creation with love in order to release it, and then we make room for our true desires.

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