Gratitude Monday

It’s Gratitude Monday again!!! One of my favorite days! Since I began practicing the Necessary Accessories, I have noticed incredible changes within myself and others. Remember, when you begin to make positive changes within you, your outside world mirrors that. Where I used to see a world of doom and gloom, I now see a world of beauty and wonder. The world hasn’t changed, I have! And the sole responsibility for my transformation lies with gratitude. When I set out on this new venture, I had no idea gratitude would literally make me a new person. The skepticism was deep rooted from years of eagerly starting a new way of thinking, and then ultimately ceasing any progress I might have made because of impatience. Once I began to understand that loving perseverance and kindness towards my journey was the only way to advance, I decided to put an end to the anxiety I held on to and get real. Gratitude will do that to a person! So, on this Gratitude Monday, I would like to propose an experiment to all my sweet fellow spirits! Choose three things today to be grateful for. Just three! Mondays are usually gratitude overload days, but changing it up every now and then is a wonderful way to bring fun into our accessories. Once you have thought of the three things you are grateful for, write them down so you can carry the list with you wherever you go today. Try to be specific and include senses used in each one. For example, “I am grateful for the warmth of the sun on my face.” As you go through your day, bring the feeling of the sun’s rays warming your face. If it’s a rainy day, great! Now you have your very own sun to carry with you that will always keep you warm! As often as you can, repeat and visualize the things on your list. If you wish to begin with one gratitude item, that’s fine too, but try not to go beyond three. It may be a bit overwhelming if your day is already jam packed with stuff to remember, however this is exactly why you need to practice gratitude. It will bring you back to a centered, peaceful state every time you use it. Have fun, let it be light, and let me know how it went! I love to hear stories about how gratitude works with others. Blessings to all!!!


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