Forgiveness Sunday

When you hear the word forgiveness, what feelings come up? Anger? Self-righteousness? Sadness? Love? Peace? Forgiveness, for many, is a concept that could only be considered if the other party has begged for it, and even then other conditions must be met before full forgiveness can be offered. What if forgiveness was given without the other party knowing about it? Can you truly forgive someone unconditionally? Forgiveness is not about them, it’s about you. Forgiveness comes from a place of letting go. Letting go of all the stuff that you thought was important. Stuff you thought was enough to justify your unforgiving attitude. It’s not about the stuff. Try and look at forgiveness through peaceful eyes, through loving eyes. Forgiving someone does not condone bad behavior, it sets you free. Freedom you thought was not possible because of the anger, hurt, resentment, is yours when you choose to forgive. Wouldn’t you feel so much lighter if you only let it go? It’s time to let it go. Today is Forgiveness Sunday, and it’s time to let it go!


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