Law of Attraction Saturday

Law of Attraction Saturday! (aka Abundant Saturday)
Do you believe in the law of attraction? Is it possible to attract abundance and anything else that you could possibly imagine in your life exactly when you want it? When I first began practicing this magical law, I was excited and doubtful at the same time. Needless to say, it worked sporadically at best and only when I really concentrated on a desire, however the results fell short of impressing me. I was forced to debunk the whole theory as a farce created by a few rich, lucky scammers who used a society of naïve believers to market an invisible product. That was 25 years ago. Today you can call me a true believer! The skepticism I held onto was nothing more than judgement, fear, and desperation for a desire to be more, have more, do more than I had. Throughout the past 25 years of dabbling in the great mystical law, I not only use it on a regular basis, but I now appreciate and respect the hell out of it. I am not, and may never be, an expert on the law of attraction, however I know for sure that when you use it with loving intention, with joyful perseverance, and with patient detachment, it works like a charm! Literally! But, because all those conditions must be meant for it to work, most are quick to give up when their desires do not manifest in the exact way they ordered them. Learning to let go of the outcome is of utmost importance, one that many are not willing to follow through with. Today is the day we ask for whatever we want, believe we can have it, know that it is for the highest good of all involved, and then let go of the NEED for it. When we can allow the Universe to do it’s job, we release the desperation that usually accompanies desire. That’s when the law turns magical!


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