Peaceful Thursday

Do you feel at peace all the time?  If the answer is no, why not?  Do you believe that peace is inherent?  Today I want you to believe that peace is available to you at a moment’s notice.  On this Peaceful Thursday, take some time to explore the peaceful part of you.  The part that is calm and centered and peaceful, regardless of the chaos going on in your life, your world, your mind.  Did you know that you can carry that peace wherever you go and call on it during times of stress?  Before you tackle any task today, close your eyes and repeat the following: “I am peaceful because I come from a place of peace.”  Say this several times while breathing deeply.  Then throughout the day, remember to stop when you’re feeling that overwhelming feeling that you sometimes experience, and say these words: “I am peaceful because I come from a place of peace.”  You can also just say, “I am at peace,” or “Peace,” over and over until you return to that calm state.  Begin early in the morning with this practice, and your usually hectic day will flow with ease.  Blessings of peace and calm to each and everyone of you!


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